Top Discussions on Amazon Trading in July - Insights from Reddit

The most discussed news and issues in July, focusing on three key points raised by the community.

Introduction: provides a platform for sellers to share their experiences and discuss various topics related to Amazon trading. 

This article highlights the most discussed news and issues in July, focusing on three key points raised by the community. 

These include concerns regarding account-level reserves, the preference of suppliers for FBA over FBM, and the advantages of using Veeqo for FBM orders. 

We will explore the popular responses and insights shared by sellers on these topics.

1. Account-Level Reserve Holding 100% of Funds:

Many sellers have expressed frustration over their funds being held in account-level reserves for over 30 days. 

Despite fulfilling all the requirements of the INFORM act, sellers have not received any clear explanations for the withholding of funds. Some sellers reported amounts nearing $50,000 and faced difficulties in obtaining responses from customer support.

Popular responses included:

- One seller shared that their funds were frozen for three months, but after making a few phone calls, the issue was resolved. 

If the account health is deemed "healthy," funds should be released accordingly.

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2. Supplier Preference for FBA over FBM:

One seller raised concerns about a supplier's insistence on using FBA rather than FBM, despite no formal agreement being in place. 

The seller questioned whether the supplier believed FBM would lower their Best Seller Rank (BSR) or result in late shipments. 

The supplier only had two sellers, including the concerned individual.

Popular responses included:

- Transitioning to FBA generally increases sales, as many customers prefer Prime-eligible products. 

One suggestion was to increase prices to compensate for the additional costs associated with FBA. 

Adhering to the supplier's preference was recommended to maintain a favorable relationship as the supplier holds significant control.

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3. Veeqo for FBM:

Veeqo, Amazon's version of ShipStation or Shipito, was made free last year. 

One of the advantages of using Veeqo for paying shipping costs for Amazon FBM orders is that it provides the same protection as Buy Shipping, ensuring coverage against AZ claims. 

This allows sellers to benefit from discounted UPS or FedEx rates while still enjoying AZ protection.

While Veeqo has certain limitations that keep some sellers on ShipStation for most orders, the cost savings have been significant. 

If Veeqo introduces more features, transitioning from ShipStation to Veeqo could save sellers $30 per month. Additionally, Veeqo offers multi-channel inventory synchronization.

Popular responses included:

- Comparing Veeqo to PirateShip, some sellers found Veeqo to be lacking in certain areas. 

While it integrates with Amazon, it does not support Woocoocommerce, and Buy Shipping does not provide the desired reports. 

However, Veeqo's advantages were recognized, and sellers mentioned they would switch back to PirateShip if it supported Amazon.


The Reddit community has been actively discussing various aspects of Amazon trading, highlighting challenges and sharing insights.

The concerns regarding account-level reserves, supplier preferences for FBA, and the advantages of using Veeqo for FBM have sparked lively discussions. 

While popular responses offer valuable perspectives, it's important for sellers to conduct thorough research and consider their specific circumstances before making any decisions. 

Participating in such forums can provide valuable insights and foster a sense of community among Amazon sellers.

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