How Mr. Jeff Works?

At Mr. Jeff, we don't simply sell services.
Our aim is not to achieve one-time transactions
or fleeting customers.
Our mission is to enthrall you completely! The purpose of this page is to showcase our essence, to unveil how we operate, and to convey to you that every Mr. Jeff service is deserving of your attention.

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We value our time and yours
How Mr.JEFF works
We take on accounts only after we've had a positive experience with a similar case.
We take on accounts only after we've had a positive experience with a similar case.
We conduct the onboarding process in less than 30 minutes.
We value our time and yours, so we do not delay consideration of the case if it is unpromising.
Transparency and ethics
We publish screenshots of customer reviews and our Trustpilot page, which has dozens of verified reviews from our customers.
We showcase the accounts we've reinstated, the brands and categories we've ungated, and the complaints we've resolved.
Every week we publish several reports about our work in our Public group, which has more than 11 thousand people.
How Mr.JEFF works
Operational communication
How Mr.JEFF works
We not only communicate with you (our client), but also engage in phone conversations with Amazon on your behalf, if there's a need or upon your request.
Due to our swift and personalized approach to communication, every second client chooses us again!
Unlike most competitors, we are always available 7 days a week across all 5 communication channels: by phone, Email, Telegram, WhatsApp, and FB Messenger.
Individual approach
We don't take hopeless cases because it can demotivate the team, and for us it's the same motivation as customer success.
We conduct brainstorming sessions
for most cases, select several strategies
and discuss them with the team and the client.
We offer a free upgrade from one package to another with no additional fees or commissions.
How Mr.JEFF works
and team
How Mr.JEFF works
One team solves many problems in the Amazon business.
CEO Roman Strykhar has been working in e-commerce since 2010. The customer service team is headed by Helga, and the account reinstatement team is headed by Rick. Maria manages the marketing department.
We have a team that is constantly improving its experience and has remained the same for years.
We are a verified company in Stripe and TrustPilot, have an active community in Telegram.
People trust us because we are always available 7 days a week, demonstrate our expertise through real results and on our YouTube channel.
We have a strong reputation that we have built over the years.
How Mr.JEFF works
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