User Agreement for Mr Jeff LLC

January 11, 2024

 1. Definitions

"Service Provider" - Mr Jeff LLC, a limited liability company, provides Amazon account management and optimization services outlined in this Agreement to the Client.

"Client" - Individual or Business entity procuring services from Mr Jeff LLC under terms outlined in this Agreement.

  2. Services:

2.1. Brand/Category Approval: Obtaining Amazon permissions to sell additional product categories and brands that require special approval. The successful provision of the service is confirmed by: A letter from Amazon about the successful opening of the selected category or brand for sale.

2.2. Account Reinstatement: This involves restoring a suspended or restricted Amazon Seller Central account to active selling status by drafting compliant appeal responses and submissions. The successful provision of the service is confirmed by a letter from Amazon stating that your account has been successfully reactivated, or your selling privileges have been restored. This applies to both suspended and under review accounts.

2.3. One Appeal Letter Writing: Drafting customized appeal letter content for the Client to submit to Amazon in response to performance notifications, policy violation claims and account restrictions. The successful provision of the service is confirmed by: Delivery of the appeal letter in PDF format.

2.4. Seller Account Registration: Filing application and preparing documentation to attempt registration of a new Amazon Seller Central selling account for the Client or their business. The successful provision of the service is confirmed by: A letter from Amazon about the successful registration of the seller's account and the transfer of access to the client.

2.5. LLC/Corporation Registration: State-level registration and filing services for establishing a limited liability company or corporation structure for the Client's selling business. The successful provision of the service is confirmed by: Delivery of company registration documents to the client.

2.6. Bank Account Registration: Applying for and setting up a valid commercial bank account for authentication on Amazon Seller Central and receiving direct deposits from Amazon disbursements. The successful provision of the service is confirmed by: Transfer of banking account access to the client.

2.7. Complaint Removal: A set of measures to remove Intellectual property and Inauthentic complaints that are on the client's Account Health page. The successful provision of the service is confirmed by: Removal/deletion of the complaint in the client's Account Health section. There may also be an additional (but not mandatory) letter from Amazon about the removal of the complaint.

  3. Explanation of Services:

The Service Provider delivers tailored tools and resources to support the Client's goals for each service requested. Nonetheless, it's important to note that the ultimate outcomes are contingent on the discretion of external entities, such as Amazon or relevant government bodies.

Functioning strictly as an experienced consultant and expert in Amazon appeal processing, the Service Provider's role is to furnish the Client with personalized appeal letters, account management documentation, compliance replies, documentation for application processes, and instructional materials for Amazon submissions, as described in Section 2 of this Agreement.

It's crucial to understand, however, that all final decisions regarding the account rest exclusively with Amazon. These decisions are based on their independent evaluation, judgment, and the discretion of Amazon's personnel, culminating in the final decision concerning the seller account owned by the Client.

  4. Number of Attempts:

For Services that involve document drafts, application processing or appeals relying on decision response from Amazon 3rd party teams upon submission, the Client remains entitled to service replacement or refund eligibility only after FOUR complete, compliant attempts by the Service Provider at achieving the defined purpose of each such procured Service. Amazon response delays exceeding 21 days for each compliant attempt will not count towards this four attempt limit before refund or replacements may be claimed by the Client.

  5. Terms and Conditions

The Client understands and agrees to the following when using the Services:

5.1. The Services must only be used for lawful purposes compliant with this Agreement. Any use of Services by Client that violates Amazon terms of service, end user license agreements, state or federal laws applicable in the governing jurisdiction constitutes breach of this Agreement.

5.2. The Service Provider reserves the right to modify, suspend, discontinue or restrict access to the Services at any time without notice or liability to Client. Service Provider may also change and modify the Terms and Conditions reflected in this Agreement without prior notice, continued use of the Services after any changes or modifications represent Client's consent and acceptance.

5.3. The Client may qualify for refund or replacement of unsuccessful Services subject to the guidelines outlined in the Refund Policy stated in Section 8.

5.4. While availed Services are in progress, the Client agrees to refrain from directly contacting Amazon or taking any independent corrective actions related to the Account, Issue or Case being handled by Service Provider on Client's behalf UNLESS expressly directed by the Service Provider's teams, in writing, to do so. Taking direct actions within Amazon while an engaged Service is still in delivery progress invalidates all failure, replacement and refund protections provided on procured Services under this Agreement.

5.5. The Client agrees to provide the Company designated teams access to relevant Account(s), Profiles, Listings and Cases to facilitate the procured Services through one of the following two means, completely at the Client's sole discretion:

5.5(a). Via Amazon Seller Central permissions that enable Company service agent(s) to access relevant account elements as a Child User. This allows visibility BUT NOT ability to directly edit, modify or manipulate actual account settings, financial data or listings without additional account holder authorizations - providing a verified means of secure access.

5.5(b). Alternately, by directly sharing access to Client's VPS/VDS server or an independent remote desktop infrastructure through which the Client hosts/accesses the Amazon Seller Central account requiring company's services. This grants company designated service teams complete autonomy to directly operate Client's Amazon account through remote online mediums purely for the purpose of fulfilling purchased services.

Choosing option 5.5(b) assigns ALL risks, security threats and legal liabilities related to unauthorized handling, usage, alteration or misappropriation of sensitive account data resulting due any remote access directly to the Client. Service Provider assumes no liability regarding correctness, usage or alteration of ANY data, settings or files stored on infrastructure or software accessed through remote mediums like VPS/VDS or remote desktop protocol enabled by Client for the company to deliver procured Services.

5.6. Service delivery timelines and subsequent client communication policies:

5.6(a). Service delivery timelines, shown on service pages or in the FAQ, represent service completion goals, NOT guarantees. Complex reinstatements, trademark issues, or account restrictions often require direct petition and clarification dialogues with Amazon's legal and compliance teams. These can range from 10 days to over 6 weeks, and are completely outside the company's control. While we are committed to working diligently through queues, we cannot reasonably provide tight completion targets when dealing with external governing agencies.

5.6(b). Procured Services automatically enter company's standard queues UNLESS prior arrangements for express/expedited handling backed by written agreements are made. Failure to respond promptly with requested clarifications or supplemental data whenever sought by company representatives causes the order to exit priority processing and enter normal queues again governed only by original promised timelines. Service guarantees DO NOT protect orders held up by Client delays in responding beyond 72 hours from inquiry.

5.6(c). Submitting incomplete responses or incorrect data and repeater clarification rounds also disqualify Services from "promise" or "guarantee" protections. The company rightfully designates Services backed by guarantees against only ORDERS that complete all preparation steps in under 3 communication rounds without any stale open loops needing additional follow ups over 48 hours pending from client-side.

5.6(d). Any Services where Client ceases engagement and communication for over 21 days from last correspondence may be designated as abandoned and permanently cancelled with NO refunds applicable irrespective of existing progress or prior time investments.

5.7. Reselling, repurposing or commercially benefitting from any deliverables, products, tools or appeals supplied as part of procured Services is explicitly PROHIBITED under this Agreement. All instruments, data, templates, content and materials provided or made accessible while availing purchased Services are expressly LICENSED ONLY for use by purchasing Client and ONLY on specified account. Any attempts at misusing, repurposing or transferring provided assets, appeals, automations, registrations or prepared response templates onto any additional entities, accounts, properties, listings or profiles constitutes infringement of copyright and breach of contract. Any financial benefits Client realizes from illegally transferring provider assets or account privileges CAN AND WILL BE enforced as monetary penalties equal to exactly 200% of original Service procurement value via all applicable civil & criminal means.

5.8. If Client is found to have willfully provided false, misleading or incomplete information regarding previous attempts at registering Amazon buyer or seller accounts using details now shared with Service Provider for new application processing, Service Provider reserves the right to revise or invalidate attached Refund Policy protections for involved Services. This includes withholding full or partial refunds issued against stipulated Service failures WHERE determining key aspects like reason codes provided by Amazon for previous failed applications is impossible without Client disclosing complete and honest application attempt history tied to shared personal identification or business documentation.

  6. Timeframe Disclaimer:

Any delivery time estimates indicated on Company's website, communications or other published materials are solely for general informational purposes. Actual processing times vary greatly depending on seasonality, queue volumes and complexity of specific client account issues or requirements. While committed to delivering consistent, average processing times, Service Provider does not provide guaranteed turnaround timeframes. Provision of Services involves both the preparedness and active participation of the Client to provide follow-up information, documentation and clarification in a timely manner whenever requested by company's teams. Failure to provide timely responses pertaining to procured Services usually results in unavoidable processing delays.

  7. Governing Law:

7.1. This Agreement shall be governed under the laws of the State of Delaware.

7.2. Any disputes related to this Agreement will be resolved through mediation followed by arbitration at the nearest Dispute Resolution Center as per applicable State and Local laws. If dispute remains unresolved, legal recourse shall proceed within court jurisdiction of the State of Delaware subject to United States law.

  8. Refund and Return Policy

8.1 Policy Coverage: Refund values guaranteed only for specified unsuccessful Services AFTER 4 COMPLETE attempts, not counting supplementary clarification or information requests. Refund eligibility begins only after Client PROVIDES all details needed as per Company guidelines.

8.2 Procedure: Refund requests must be submitted by email within 30 days from earliest qualifying unsuccessful attempt. Approved amounts will be credited back to original payment method within next billing cycle.

8.1 Refund requests must be made within 30 days of the original payment.

8.2 Refund eligibility depends on the Provider's failure to supply the paid-for tools or means expected to produce the desired outcome after 4 complete attempts compliant with guidelines.

8.3 Specific refund terms for each Service are defined as follows:

8.3.1 Brand/Category Service: Full refund if ungating requests are unsuccessful after 4 compliant attempts.

8.3.2 Account Reinstatement Service: 50% ($299) refund for Full reinstatement package if reinstatement is unsuccessful after 4 compliant attempts.

8.3.3 One Appeal Letter Drafting Service: No refund.

8.3.4 Seller Account Registration Service (Flex Plan): Full refund if new account registration is unsuccessful after 4 attempts compliant with requirements.

8.3.5 LLC Registration Service (Flex Plan): Full refund if LLC registration is unsuccessful after 4 fully compliant attempts.

8.3.6 Bank Account Registration (Flex Plan): Full refund if bank account registration unsuccessful after 4 attempts fully compliant with guidelines.

8.3.7 All Included Plan: Full refund if any registration Service within bundle is unsuccessful even after 4 compliant attempts.

8.3.8 One-Time Complaint Removal: Full refund if specified complaint not removed after 4 fully compliant attempts.

8.3.9 Subscription Complaint Removal: No refunds; unlimited complaints.

 9. Severability

If any clause of this Agreement is found unlawful, the remainder still holds legal authority and enforceability over the parties.

  10. Binding Agreement

This Agreement becomes legally enforceable upon acceptance by Client through either:

9.1. Written signature and return to Service Provider

9.2. Checking a box consenting to Terms on Service Provider's payment platform or website.

9.3. Issuing payment for any Service through Service Provider's integrated payment platforms.

9.4. By clicking the "I Agree" checkbox or by using the Services, the User agrees to be bound by this Agreement in its entirety.