Case Study: Successful Expansion of Business Operations

Client Background:

The client aimed to expand their business operations and sought our expertise to facilitate this growth. 

Entrusting us with the task, they provided necessary documentation for establishing a comprehensive presence on the Amazon platform.

What We Did:

  1. Established Infrastructure: We set up the necessary environment to initiate the process of opening an Amazon (AMZ) account. This involved configuring a server based in the USA and handling technical nuances such as filling in cookies on a new server for optimal performance.
  1. Company Formation: Acting on behalf of the client, we facilitated the establishment of a company entity. This involved navigating administrative processes, including documentation submission and liaison with state authorities to secure necessary permits.
  1. Banking Solutions: We facilitated the opening of a bank account through Mercury, providing the client with a robust financial infrastructure to support their business endeavors.
  1. AMZ Account Setup: With the foundational elements in place, we proceeded to open the AMZ account seamlessly. Our team assisted the client in navigating the technical requirements, ensuring smooth completion of identity verification procedures. Furthermore, we confirmed the company's address, a crucial step in establishing trust and credibility on the Amazon platform. Subsequently, we provided comprehensive technical support to configure the AMZ account to the client's specifications.


The integrated approach employed by our team resulted in the successful establishment of the client's presence on the Amazon platform. By providing a turnkey solution encompassing company formation, banking setup, and AMZ account creation, we enabled the client to swiftly initiate their expansion plans.

Client Satisfaction:

The client expressed satisfaction with the efficiency and professionalism demonstrated throughout the process. Our ability to seamlessly navigate complex procedures and provide tailored solutions aligned with the client's objectives, further reinforcing their confidence in our services.


This case exemplifies our capability to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Through meticulous planning and execution, we empowered the client to embark on their business expansion journey with confidence. We remain committed to fostering success for our clients and look forward to continued collaboration in their future endeavors.

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