Case Study: Strategic Resolution of a UK Amazon Account Review with Frozen Funds

Client Background:

Our client, a well-established UK-based business with over a decade of experience on the Amazon platform, encountered a significant challenge when their European marketplaces, including the UK, came under review. Despite a strong selling history and positive customer reviews, the sudden review resulted in Amazon freezing the client's funds, causing disruptions in daily operations.

Initial Assessment:

The review initially appeared to be a standard Velocity Limits Review, requesting updated tracking information, proof of delivery, company identification, and reasons for increased refunds or chargebacks. However, the client's reputable history contradicted the typical profile of an account undergoing such reviews.

Exploring Potential Triggers:

A poor Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) metric was identified as a potential concern. However, further examination revealed that the VTR was justified due to the nature of the client's shipments, predominantly using Royal Mail without tracking information. This indicated that VTR was not the primary reason for the review.

Uncovering the Real Issue:

Through a comprehensive investigation, our team discovered that the root cause of the review was related to the client's use of the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) service to pay customs for products sent to European Union countries. Despite using IOSS, customs fines were not cleared for packages sent to Sweden and Spain, leading to dissatisfaction among Amazon buyers in these regions and an increase in returns and refunds.

Crafting a Comprehensive Appeal:

Armed with this newfound understanding, our team developed a robust appeal to present to Amazon. The appeal included comprehensive evidence, such as official comments from Royal Mail and Deutsche Post, explaining the situation with Swedish and Spanish Customs Services. The goal was to demonstrate that the increase in refunds and returns was a result of external factors beyond the client's control.

Successful Resolution:

The appeal proved effective, leading to the swift resolution of the review. Amazon lifted the hold on the seller's funds, acknowledging the external challenges faced by the client. With the comprehensive appeal and supporting evidence, the client's account was reinstated, allowing them to resume their operations on Amazon.


This case study underscores the complexities that established sellers may encounter, even with a long history of successful transactions. It emphasizes the significance of a thorough investigation to uncover the true reasons behind account reviews. By leveraging our expertise and crafting a compelling appeal with comprehensive evidence, we successfully navigated the challenges, enabling our client to overcome the review and resume normal business operations on Amazon.

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