Case Study: Seamless Expansion and Continued Satisfaction in Long-Term Cooperation

Client Background:

In early November, a long-standing customer, who has been a loyal collaborator with our services, approached us with various needs related to their Amazon Seller Account.

Neutrogena Ungating

The customer decided to proceed with Neutrogena ungating.

We prepared a meticulously crafted submission for Neutrogena ungating, ensuring all necessary elements were in place.

The first application for Neutrogena ungating proved successful, marking a smooth entry into a new product category for the client.

Continued Cooperation and Black Friday Offer

Pleased with the results and the seamless process, the client expressed satisfaction with our services.

Taking advantage of our Black Friday offer, the customer extended their cooperation. They opted for additional services, including complaints removal and reinstatement services.

The client continues to maintain a balance with our services, indicating a sustained and ongoing collaboration.


This case study highlights a seamless and successful journey with a long-term customer. From addressing specific account inquiries to ensuring a smooth Neutrogena ungating process and extending services during a special offer, the client's satisfaction underscores the quality and reliability of our services in the competitive realm of Amazon selling.

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