Late Shipment Rate Amazon: A Crucial Metric for Sellers | Mr. Jeff

How to Reduce Your LSR and Improve Your Seller Performance on Amazon

Amazon sellers need to check their Late Shipment Rate (LSR) as it reflects the percentage of orders that weren't shipped by the specified deadline. It's computed by dividing the total number of orders you have by the number of late shipments..

A 4% LSR exceedance may lead to account deactivation or suspension. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to reduce your LSR and improve your seller performance on Amazon.

‍What is the Amazon Late Shipment Rate?

The Late Shipment Rate is Amazon's way of keeping tabs on how many packages missed their deadline. It's the number of tardy deliveries divided by the total number of orders. Late shipments are those pesky packages that didn't make it out the door when they were supposed to. The expected ship date is the day you promised to send out the order, usually on the order details page in your seller account.

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Why is it Crucial for Amazon Sellers to Keep Their Late Shipment Rate Low?

Ensuring on-time deliveries is critical. Here's why.

Gaining the Buy Box is a great way to increase sales, but sellers with poor performance metrics have a lower chance of obtaining this advantageous positioning.

‍How can I reduce my Amazon Late Shipment Rate?

Here are some tips to help you reduce your LSR:

  1. Enhance the time it takes to process orders: Make sure you pack and process orders quickly so they are prepared for shipping on time.
  2. Employ a dependable shipping company: Choose a shipping provider you can rely on to deliver your orders on schedule.
  3. Track your metrics: You can see possible problems early on and take corrective action by closely monitoring your late shipping rate and other performance data. Carefully check your seller dashboard and act quickly to resolve any issues.
  4. Use Amazon's purchase shipping service: It gives your clients tracking information and discounted prices.
  5. Engage in dialogue with your clients: Provide updates on any delays and let them know how their orders progress.

Provide exceptional customer service, especially when handling late shipments. A prompt and professional resolution builds trust and loyalty, making them more likely to choose you again.

‍How do I improve seller performance on Amazon?

It is essential to focus on key metrics such as customer feedback, rate of order failure, and late shipment rate. Below are some suggestions to help improve your seller performance:

  1. Ensure accurate product information: Emphasizes the importance of accurate details.
  2. Quickly fulfill orders: Orders should be processed and shipped as soon as possible to guarantee on-time delivery.
  3. Track client comments: Pay attention to client comments and act quickly to address any unfavorable remarks.

‍Help on Suspended over Late Shipment Rate >4%

If the percentage of your late shipments is more than 4%, your Amazon seller account can be suspended or terminated. Under such circumstances, immediate action is required to address the issue.

Sending Amazon a thorough action plan is required in order to get your account back. The actions you want to take to improve your seller performance in general and your late shipment rate in particular should be outlined in this plan.

Amazon Late Shipment Rate: A Crucial Metric for Sellers - photo 2

Amazon Late Shipment Rate: Examples of Businesses That Overcame Amazon's Late Shipment Rate

Through strategic actions, a number of organizations have effectively managed the issues presented by the Amazon Late Shipment Rate. 

Never Ignore Metrics

The Late Shipment Rate is one of the most critical metrics for Amazon sellers. It is a key indicator of your ability to deliver products promptly and maintain excellent customer service.

By keeping your LSR below 4%, you can avoid suspension or account deactivation and maintain a good standing as an Amazon seller. Therefore, monitoring your LSR closely and taking steps to improve it whenever possible is essential.

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