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In this article, I'll share why you face these suspensions and how you can claim them.

For many merchants looking to reach a worldwide clientele, Amazon has grown to be an important platform. But along with this enormous potential is the duty to follow Amazon's stringent rules and regulations. Suspensions of accounts are a frequent problem that sellers encounter, especially when they have many accounts.

Amazon Multiple Account Suspension: Let’s Start From the Beginning

It’s essential to understand the terminology that Amazon uses in its blocking letters. So, there are 3 phases that an account goes through if the marketplace doesn’t like it:

Now let’s focus on two very important things that every Amazon entrepreneur needs to understand.

How To Appeal Amazon’s Multiple-Account Related Suspension So You Can Get Back To Selling - photo 1

2 facts that you should always remember when talking about blocking a seller’s account.

Understanding Amazon’s Multiple-Account SuspensionFor sellers dealing with Amazon multiple account suspension, it is essential to comprehend it. Suspensions for multiple accounts can happen for a number of reasons, including trying to falsify customer reviews, creating accounts after being suspended previously, or breaking any other rule set forth by Amazon. Having several accounts may cause confusion for users, be against Amazon policy, and jeopardize the integrity of the marketplace. As a result, in order to preserve a positive selling environment, sellers must completely understand the repercussions of having numerous accounts as well as the significance of strictly adhering to Amazon's standards.What results in the suspension of another account? 

Amazon Multiple Account Suspension: How Can I Recover My Account?

After completing these procedures, sellers can proceed to crafting a persuasive letter of appeal.Effective appeal letter writing calls for courteous, succinct, and transparent communication. Sellers should include a thorough action plan to prevent future instances of the same problem, accept responsibility without blaming others, and address the issue that resulted in the suspension in the letter. A heartfelt apologies for any unintentional mistakes and a courteous plea for reinstatement can significantly impact the appeal's result. By following these instructions, sellers can demonstrate their commitment to upholding Amazon's policies and their seriousness about resolving the situation.The next important step in the procedure is to submit the appeal. Sellers should verify the appeal letter twice before submitting it to make sure there are no mistakes or missing details that could reduce the strength of the appeal. To guarantee that the appeal reaches the proper department for evaluation, it is imperative that you adhere to Amazon's instructions regarding the submission of the appeal and where to send it. During this waiting period, patience is essential as Amazon takes its time to carefully review the appeal and render a decision based on the evidence submitted.Final Actions: Take preventative actions to avoid suspensions in the future and learn from the experience. Sellers consider the causes of the suspension of multiple accounts and take the appropriate steps to avoid future problems. Being aware of Amazon's regulations and adhering to them helps lessen the likelihood of experiencing similar suspensions. After the suspension is lifted, vendors can resume their Amazon sales as long as they have a better grasp of the platform's policies.

How To Appeal Amazon’s Multiple-Account Related Suspension So You Can Get Back To Selling - photo 2

Myths About Blocking Amazon Accounts

  1. I have a large turnover, I’m a big seller, so Amazon won’t block me.

Amazon doesn't care what your turnover is. You still can’t compare with Unilever’s turnover, and if the marketplace catches you violating the rules of the site, it will immediately block you. 

  1. If you have already been blocked 2 times, then the third will be the last.

This myth turned out to be extremely tenacious but it is only a myth. There are sellers who have experienced 5 or more blockages and continue to sell. In fact, the situation depends more on the type of violation and your behavior.

For example, if the blocking happened due to the sale of counterfeits (well, you wanted to sell toys with the Avengers logo in the USA without Marvel’s permission), and when Amazon gave you a warning and suspended/blocked the listings, you decided to be rude in response... Then your account is blocked for the second time.

  1. If the Amazon team points out a problem in one listing, then it will not touch others during the blocking.

In fact, sellers never express this idea out loud, but for some reason they think that if they solve a problem with one specific ASIN (product), the Amazon Performance Team will not notice similar problems with other products. It’s a myth. As soon as a problem is pointed out to you, you need to solve it within the entire account, no matter how many listings it affects. While your appeal is pending, Amazon's compliance team will review your other listings.

  1. The block can be removed if you get rid of the problematic product from your account.

The seller receives a listing block, for example, due to frequent complaints about an incorrect description of the product in the listing. The seller deletes the listing, transfers the remaining balance to a third-party prep center and considers the problem resolved. But Amazon does NOT think so. This account is already marked as problematic and is under the platform's close attention. What is Amazon waiting for? Don’t delete the listing but fix the problem.

  1. You can only be blocked if you violate Amazon rules.

This is also a myth. There are many cases when Amazon played so hard in the fight against counterfeit goods that it even blocked sellers offering genuine goods for sale. It's a different story when federal regulators deem a toy or drug to be potentially dangerous, even though it had been successfully sold on Amazon for years. The marketplace first blocks listings, but if one seller has a lot of “dangerous” products, the system can block the entire account.

To Sum Up

Remember that Amazon multiple account suspension or blocking is not the end of your online business. Make all decisions (contacting support or drawing up an action plan and filing appeals) only in a sober mind. Do everything carefully, with feeling, sensibly, with order and everything will work out for you. Everyone makes mistakes, they are so that we learn not to do that again. If you are not confident in your abilities or do not fully understand the current situation, contact our Mr. Jeff company.

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