Case Study: Address Discrepancy Causing AMZ Account Denial

Client Background:

The client embarked on the journey to establish an Amazon (AMZ) account independently, with prior registration of their company and bank account. However, they encountered challenges during the process due to discrepancies in the provided addresses.

What Occurred:

  1. Independent Company and Bank Account Registration: The client autonomously registered their company and bank account, demonstrating a proactive approach to business setup.
  1. Environment Setup: Our team facilitated the setup of an environment conducive to opening an AMZ account. This involved configuring a server and deploying targeted advertisements to optimize the process.
  1. AMZ Account Application: We assisted the client in completing the necessary questionnaire for opening an AMZ account. However, complications arose due to an error in the address provided by the client. The address inconsistency between the bank account, company documents, and the AMZ account application led to the rejection of the AMZ account request.

Key Learnings:

This case underscores the critical importance of accuracy and consistency in documentation when establishing business entities, particularly for online platforms such as Amazon. The discrepancy in addresses served as a valuable lesson, highlighting the potential consequences of oversight during the registration process.


While the client demonstrated initiative in registering their company and bank account independently, the experience underscores the complexity of navigating online marketplace requirements. 

Attention to detail and alignment across all aspects of business documentation are paramount to ensuring a smooth and successful registration process. 

As such, careful consideration and verification of address information are essential to mitigate the risk of account denial. 

This case serves as a cautionary tale for future entrepreneurs, emphasizing the necessity of thoroughness and diligence in all administrative procedures.

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