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The Toughest Challenges You Can Face During Your Seller Journey & What To Do About Them

‍Selling on Amazon is a journey with its highs and lows. The game is tough, the rules are strict, and there are always new challenges to overcome that require you to bring your top game to the market. With the rewards come the hurdles, and there is a dire need for sellers to have careful planning, persistence, and, most importantly - the best support, expertise, and knowledge so their business can navigate the way through obstacles to the real rewards.

Let’s get acquainted with all the information (and Mr. Jeff’s Support, too) you need to handle the most challenging obstacles that can arise during your selling journey on Amazon.

Amazon Obstacles:Get Acquainted and Find Solutions 

New sellers on Amazon should prioritize understanding the platform’s rules to avoid getting blocked or fined. This can be critical for keeping your business running smoothly. Sellers may establish a solid foundation for their business on Amazon by adhering to the site’s restrictions.

While most sellers start out pumped up, only a few are able to maintain the same spirit while navigating (preferably avoiding) roadblocks on the way, which is something that separates the top 5% of sellers from the rest of the crowd. 

Below are the most common tripwires you need to proactively strategize dealing with before they give your business a downtime.

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OBSTACLE #1: Amazon Complaints

Amazon prides itself on being an extremely customer-centric company which unfortunately translates into being ‘only’ buyer-centric most of the time. When it comes to sellers against buyers, the buyers are usually at an advantage which is why the right way is to take preventive care before the trouble knocks. ‍This means that being a seller with an account receiving complaints can put your business at serious risk of suspension, endangering your hard-earned money and success. 

‍The problem intensifies because Amazon does not put in a lot of effort to verify whether the complaints on seller accounts are genuine or fake, which further puts seller accounts at a high risk of being a victim to nasty complaint attacks by competitors that can cost the businesses heavily. 

There are many types of Amazon complaints, including broken goods, delayed deliveries, and disputes with customer support. Sellers must understand the many complaints they may receive and how ignoring them will lower their rating. To maintain a positive reputation, you must address grievances promptly and ensure your clients are satisfied.

‍The Solution

Clear and precise communication with customers can help prevent misunderstandings and foster trust, resulting in better outcomes when dealing with complaints.

A Comprehensive New Seller Guide To Overcome Amazon Obstacles - photo 2

‍OBSTACLE #2: Amazon Performance Metrics

‍The Problem

The account health feature of your Amazon selling account directly affects your reliability and performance as a seller on Amazon. Due to rapidly evolving marketplace policies and tons of other business execution tasks, sellers struggle to keep up with all the new updates and suffer from negative consequences as a result.

Sellers with poor performance metrics on Amazon risk facing account suspension, loss of Buy Box eligibility, and reduced visibility. These consequences can directly impact sales and erode customer trust, making it essential for sellers to prioritize improving their performance metrics.

‍The Solution

To overcome performance metrics challenges on Amazon, sellers must regularly monitor their metrics through Amazon Seller Central. Business people can improve their KPIs by offering precise product descriptions, guaranteeing on-time shipping, and quickly responding to consumer inquiries. Furthermore, obtaining client input and utilizing automation tools are valuable tactics for streamlining procedures and identifying areas that require development.

A Comprehensive New Seller Guide To Overcome Amazon Obstacles - photo 3

‍‍OBSTACLE #3: Amazon Account Suspension And Reinstatement

‍The Problem

There is nothing more devastating for sellers than Amazon Suspensions. It is feared enough to give nightmares during the day. Once the business is down, sellers struggle tremendously with a plethora of issues to get it back on track again or even lose their years of hard work and investments altogether. After getting an account suspension notification from Amazon, sellers had to carry out a comprehensive internal assessment of their business processes. Developing a plan of action starts with determining any possible problems that might have caused the suspension. The reinstatement process necessitates addressing each problem separately and creating a thorough plan to stop it from happening again.

Crafting a Compelling Appeal for Reinstatement

The appeal letter should address each issue raised by Amazon in the suspension notification. It is recommended for sellers:

Creating a strong case for reinstatement requires highlighting a dedication to customer pleasure and a readiness to abide by Amazon’s rules.

‍The Solution

Take proactive action to protect your account before your business encounters downtime (or the problem further intensifies). Achieving top performance metrics, like order defect rate, pre-fulfillment cancel rate, and late shipment rate, is crucial. Pay attention to customer feedback and quickly deal with issues to avoid account suspension.

If your account is already suspended, your first step must be to understand the cause immediately. It is essential not to panic and carefully plan your course of action according to the root cause. Amazon only gives you a limited number of chances, and you must take advantage of those.

Getting expert assistance could be a good choice. Our service helps merchants through Amazon’s complicated account reinstatement process. The professionals at Mr. Jeff provide knowledge and direction for creating a compelling appeal and pursuing a reinstatement. We can speed up the reinstatement procedure and give sellers the tools to navigate challenges successfully.

Follow the steps below to get armed with all the information and resources you need to avoid and tackle everything related to Amazon’s suspension issues.

STEP#1: Take proactive action to protect your account before  your business encounters a downtime (or the problem further intensifies)

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STEP#2:  If your account is already suspended, your first step must be to understand the cause immediately. It is essential to not panic and carefully plan your course of action according to the root cause. Amazon only gives you a limited number of chances, and you must take advantage of those.

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STEP#3: Once you have a clear idea of the reason behind your suspension, it is time to take action. 

But wait, 

Before you decide what to do about the problem, you must first learn the MISTAKES you should absolutely steer clear of to avoid further complicating the issue.


Read Here: 5 Serious Mistakes You Must Avoid During Amazon Account Reinstatement

Next, you need to write a solid Plan Of Action (POA) for Amazon explaining that you absolutely admit your fault (disagreeing with them doesn’t work over here) and thoroughly inform them about the steps of action you will take (preferably - you “ARE” already taking) to rectify the problem. 

Read Here: What To Do When Amazon Suspends Your Listings?

If everything is done right, your account (or listing - whatever the case) will be reinstated. 

However, if you still need help resolving the issue, save your chances and read the post linked below.

Read Here: Amazon Sellers: watch out for how the seller performance team investigates you.

A Comprehensive New Seller Guide To Overcome Amazon Obstacles - photo 4

OBSTACLE #4: Duplicate Listings & Brand Protection

The Problem

Duplicate Listings are another major issue that can gravely eat up your visibility, ranking, and sales performance on Amazon. They infest the search results with a plethora of issues, including hindered visibility, counterfeiting, piggybacking, infringements, and decreased brand protection and control - adversely affecting sellers, buyers, and Amazon itself.

‍The Solution

Proactive action is necessary to effectively one of the most serious Amazon obstacles. The following tactics will assist you in avoiding duplicate listings and protecting your brand:

Read Here (Part 1):  Duplicate Amazon Listings and What You Must Know

Read Here (Part 2): Duplicate Listings and Brand Protection

A Comprehensive New Seller Guide To Overcome Amazon Obstacles - photo 5

OBSTACLE #5: ToS and Policy Compliance Amazon Obstacles

The Problem

Amazon has an exhaustive list of varying Terms of Service (ToS) and Policies across categories that are subjected to rapid change constantly. Moreover, there is a lot of noise and bad advice on the internet, which leads the sellers to make listing mistakes that get their product pages suspended.

The Solution

Sellers must remain current on Amazon’s regulations and guidelines to guarantee their compliance at all times. You can keep up with any changes affecting your selling techniques by checking the seller central site frequently, attending webinars, and subscribing to seller newsletters. You may successfully maintain your Amazon selling business and avoid any inadvertent breaches by being proactive about remaining informed.

At Mr. Jeff, we care for your success! You can regularly find all updates and resources you need to keep your business protected and performing at its best. Read the posts below to find all information you must have to get your listings to sell more and stay on Amazon’s good side.

Read Here (1): Here’s How To Stay ToS Compliant And Have Listings That Sell Better

Read Here (2): Understanding Amazon Seller Feedbacks and Review Policies in 2022

Moreover, you can also opt for Mr. Jeff’s Concierge Service or contact our team to run a check over your existing listings for any potential issues to get them resolved.

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