Amazon Complaint Removal & Amazon Listing Reinstatement

Subscribe to our complaints service for $145 and remove as many complaints as you have on your Amazon account.
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Price - nowhere on the market can you remove a complaint for $55
The speed of removing complaints is on the day of submission!
We will refund 100% of the payment if the complaint still needs to be removed
About 1k complaints were removed
Complete safety for the account in terms of suspension for fraudulent activity
We use unique email, IP address, and browser fingerprints for client account access to avoid suspensions
Receive a full refund in case of an unsuccessful result
Constantly in contact with the client and Amazon by phone or email
We take on only what we can do
Why is it essential to remove complaints on time?
Your money on Amazon will not be held
You will gain 250+ points in Account Health Rate
You will increase your BuyBox percentage
Your account won't be suspended on Amazon
We can remove these types of complaints:
Intellectual Property Rights Complaints
Trademark Complaints
Product Authenticity Customer Complaints
Product Condition Customer Complaint
Food and product safety Issues
Listing Policy Violation
Restricted Product Policy Violation
Customer Product Reviews Policy Violation
Choose the perfect
bundle for all your needs
One complaint
/Per complaint
This package good for you if:
  • You have one or several complaints.
  • You want a solution "by tomorrow".
  • Your business model does not include a complaints flow.
  • You love the perfect clean Amazon Account Health Page
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Complaints Bundle
/Per complaint (51+)
This package good for you if:
  • You have a large network of Amazon accounts.
  • You have a constant flow of complaints and threats of blocking.
  • You want us to automatically remove all incoming complaints.
  • You want $2000+ discounts on 51+ complaints.
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Complaints Subscription
Removal of all incoming complaints and threats of blocking, tailored for you, ensuring constant peace for your business.
/Unlimited complaints per month per 1 Amazon Account
6 month
/Per month of 6-Month-Subscription of unlimited complaints.
Save 20%
/Per month of Annual subscription
of unlimited complaints.
Save 40%
100% Money Back
We will refund 100% of the payment if the
complaint still needs to be removed.
We’re 100% sure that we can help you with your issue.
Our clients talk about us on Trustpilot
Mr Jeff, I’d the best in the game.
Mr Jeff LLC is the most incredible company at what they do, great communication and fast results, hassle free; which gives you ease of mind while navigating compliance manners on Amazon.

Would definitely recommend to anyone facing trouble with violations, compliance, and ungating on Amazon. The pay structure is also very considerate and fair for the services they provide, so look no further “Mr Jeff” has your back!

Date of experience: January 01, 2023
My product was ungated in three days…
My product was ungated in three days thanks to their efficiency, and my specialist, in particular, was fantastic because he was so supportive and helpful. I'm looking to hire him again.

Date of experience: September 25, 2022
Best quality to price ratio
I have reviewed couple services of reinstatement and I choose mr. Jeff. I had 8 intellectual property complaints and they removed them all.
Easy communication and fast responses. No hiden fees!
I recommend them

Date of experience: May 02, 2023
Roman Strykhar helped
Roman Strykhar helped restore our company seller account with excellent service and a positive attitude, and I can't thank him enough for that. Kudos!

Date of experience: September 09, 2022
Highly recommend Mr Jeff company
Highly recommend Mr Jeff company. I'm a returning customer. They helped to resolve different kinds of issues. To be short - they are professionals. Definitely highly qualified and experienced service.

Date of experience: April 09, 2023
Complaint Removal & Listing Reinstatement
What is Mr. Jeff’s Service Guarantee?
Mr. Jeff’s service guarantee means we will ensure you receive the best service possible. We are committed to delivering the promised results, and if your case is not winnable, we will either remove another complaint for free or provide credits for any other Mr. Jeff's services.
Complaint Removal & Listing Reinstatement
What is included in the price?
Our price includes solutions for a range of issues, from stand-alone complaints to complex account health concerns. You can choose a suitable plan or let our specialists assist you in making the best decision.
Complaint Removal & Listing Reinstatement
Can I deal with an Amazon IP complaint on my own?
Amazon allows very limited chances to resolve complaints, so it is essential not to risk these opportunities. Seeking expert support is highly recommended as trying to handle the issues independently often leads to further complications for sellers.
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