What To Do When Amazon Suspends Your Listings?


It's a beautiful day outside, and your first cup of coffee tastes its best. You're excited as you turn on your computer and sign into Amazon, ready for a new day of growth, profits, and business expansion.

The screen opens up, and an unexpected notification awaits. Your heart skips a beat.

Instead of being able to view the latest orders, what you get to see is a notification from Amazon's Seller Performance Policy department in your inbox. You read the contents and stare at the screen in disbelief.

One quick browser search to confirm what you have just read and what it reveals is enough to send your mind and heart racing in a frenzy.

The Lightning Has Struck: Amazon has taken your product listing down.

No Need To Panic - Follow These Steps:

Having an ASIN suspended is the ultimate horror story for most sellers - especially if you're selling through FBA.

Your product is no longer shown or buyable on Amazon, and your inventory has become stranded. Not only is your investment in your stock blocked - but you are also at the risk of bearing loss for hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars you may have spent over building your listings up for top search positions through branding, organic optimizations, and paid campaigns.

You may think all is lost, but it is important to remember that you need to go the distance for your business. In many cases, there is still hope for reinstatement of your product listing as they give you a chance to appeal.

Even when it's not as easy as cutting a cake, it still gives you a chance to do your best to get back to selling and minus your loss.


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Step 01: Open the case immediately on Amazon.

The first step is immediately opening a case with Amazon for your listing reinstatement. Open your case on seller central support if your brand is not registered on Amazon. They will re-direct your case to the concerned department.

For registered brands, you must log in with an account that has administrative privileges to access the Brand Registry page. Always go for brand registry support directly as they have shown better performance relatively.

Step 02: Swallow Your Pride And Admit Your Fault

Once your listing has gotten suspended, the first thing to do is to ditch being a victim and get to work. Trace the root cause of your suspension first to find out what has set Amazon's alarm off.

Check your marketplaces. If you are selling in multiple—there's a chance that the product was restricted in one but allowed under another. Once you have identified what has gone wrong, it's time to fix things.

Step 03: Get Your Documentation and Proofs Right

This is the part where most sellers trip. To support your appeal, you need proof and documentation - but not just any documentation. It is all about attaching the right documentation the right way. You need to know what to submit and how to submit it.

Contact your suppliers for all the invoices and guide them to provide them in the correct format Amazon needs. Do not try to temper and forge as they can easily detect it, which may worsen your case.

Step 04: Time To Plan Your Plan Of Action (POA)

Research your issue thoroughly before you initiate any contact with Amazon. Remember, you only have a few chances to revive your profitable SKU from the dead, so it is vital to get this handled perfectly.

Devise a clear, concise plan of action stating what steps you've taken to rectify the issue. Ensure optimal readability.

It is better not to play any test and trial at this stage if your magnitude of loss is higher on the scale. Find an expert to deal with it. You can even use Mr. Jeff's reinstatement services to get this done the best possible way. Remember, this is your business and worth going the distance for.

Step 05: The Final Step for Getting Your Listing Back

You must fill out a ticket to send directly to the brand registry team. Enter your ASIN, a breakdown of the problem, and a request for the listing to be reinstated. When you're done, please enter your email at the bottom so they can contact you.

What To Do When Amazon Suspends Your Listings? - photo 2

Final Thoughts

Product Listing Reinstatement is a challenging process for many sellers. You might feel helpless and lost, especially if Seller Performance takes a long time to respond to your appeal.

But with the right approach and knowledge, it's definitely possible. For that reason, having someone like Mr.Jeff to help you with your Amazon seller account can lift a weight off your shoulders.

With Jeff to your rescue, there is more than a 90% chance for you to get back in the game and make money again.

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