Streamlined Ungating Success


This case study delves into how our client swiftly gained approval to sell restricted brands on Amazon for two separate seller accounts, enhancing their market presence and revenue streams.

Challenges Faced:

Limited Brand Access: Client struggled with accessing coveted brands due to Amazon's stringent ungating requirements.
Time Pressure: Client sought expedited solutions to swiftly navigate the ungating process.

Appeal Optimization: Crafted compelling ungating appeals tailored to Amazon's guidelines.
Expedited Process: Streamlined communication and follow-up to accelerate approval timelines.

Successful Ungating:

Client gained approval to sell multiple sought-after brands, expanding product catalog and market reach.
Revenue Increase: Access to restricted brands led to notable sales and revenue growth.
Competitive Edge: Exclusive brand access enhanced client's competitiveness and attracted new customers.


Through strategic planning and expert execution, our client swiftly overcame Amazon brand ungating challenges, unlocking new avenues for growth and profitability.

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