Case Study: Successful Reactivation Resolves Account Deactivation Issue

Client Background:

A client approached us with a critical issue: their Amazon account had been deactivated due to an association with another marketplace. Despite their efforts to resolve the issue independently, they faced repeated setbacks.

Our Intervention:

Taking charge of the situation, our team launched a thorough investigation. We uncovered that the client's U.S. marketplace was linked to a deactivated Saudi Arabian marketplace, stemming from identity verification issues.

Identifying the Problem:

Our investigation revealed a crucial detail: a misspelling in the legal entity's name, leading to verification discrepancies and account deactivation.

Resolution Process:

With the error rectified, we meticulously prepared and submitted an appeal, backed by comprehensive documentation to establish the client's identity.

Success Story:

Following the successful reactivation of the Saudi marketplace, we swiftly moved to address the U.S. marketplace deactivation. Crafting a compelling appeal and providing evidence of active marketplace status, we successfully reinstated the entire account.


This case highlights our commitment to resolving complex account issues effectively. Through meticulous investigation, strategic appeal preparation, and diligent follow-up, we achieved the successful reactivation of our client's Amazon account, ensuring continuity and peace of mind.

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