Case Study: Overcoming Grocery Ungating Challenges in the Q4 Period

Client Background:

Our client approached us at the beginning of December with an urgent issue related to grocery ungating on their Amazon Seller Account. Recognizing the potential of the Q4 period and the significance of approvals for expanding their business, the client sought our assistance.

Challenges Faced:

Q4 is a challenging period for approvals, and the grocery category often poses additional hurdles. Undeterred by the obstacles, we took on the challenge. The process, although expectedly tough, unfolded with the following challenges:

1. Autorejections: The client's application faced automatic rejections, a common occurrence during peak seasons.

2. Extended Reply Times: The expectations for replies from Amazon were prolonged, adding to the overall duration of the process.

Our Approach:

Despite the challenges, our team adopted a resilient approach, refusing to give in to setbacks. We recognized the potential impact of a successful grocery ungating on the client's business, especially during the lucrative Q4 period.


The entire process spanned a month, during which our team diligently worked on addressing the issues and navigating through the complexities of the grocery ungating procedure.


The persistence and dedication paid off, and after a month of rigorous efforts, the client achieved success. The grocery ungating, which initially seemed daunting, became a reality.

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